Om oss

Adecon Systems was establish in 1992 with a mission to introduce the advanced security check points at our airports, nuclear plants and government institutions, well known as customers with strict requirements for access control of travelers and visitors. The mission succeeded, and the products from C.E.I.A. S.p.a. are now managed by our co-operator Sensec AB.

In 1997, Adecon shouldered on to become a distributor for FLEX S.p.a. in Italy, the market leader in visual communication, but with focus on crowd control systems.

Recently we  signed cooperation agreement for marketing  and sales of new illumination technology products for protection and security with TopRight Nordic AB.

Adecon is a wholly owned subsidiary of SPC Systems AB, a management company that has historically worked with development and research of security in personal protection & CIT-Systems (Cash In Transit).